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  • What is Avenews?
    We're a global fintech company building the first financial super app for Africa’s agriculture industry. Through our app, agribusinesses can access working capital loans and a set of tools and services that help them easily manage their business. From a financial assistant that provides business insights, to cash management, operations and trade management, financing and payments - we got it covered!
  • How can Avenews help my agribusiness?
    Running an agricultural business is hard and at times overwhelming. We believe that to meet tomorrow’s demand, Africa’s agribusinesses must receive access to the best credit solutions alongside business and financial services today! Here are some of the things you can do with the Avenews super-app: Access credit - Get short-term recurring credit to grow your agribusiness (based on eligibility). Record finances and cash flow - Track daily sales, purchases, expenses, and income all in one place. Payment reminders - Send reminders to customers to ensure on-time payments. Make payments - Make single and bulk payments to vendors with fewer transaction fees. Collaborate - Invite team members to collaborate and streamline communication. Track time - Keep track of employee's work hours to manage productivity. Assign tasks - Assign tasks to employees and monitor their progress. In-app chat - Communicate with your team in real-time through in-app chat. Manage inventory - Keep track of your inventory and stock levels. We are continuing to develop more products and services for your agribusinesses, stay tuned for product releases.
  • Where does Avenews operate?
    Avenews currently operates in Kenya.
  • What is the process for getting a loan from Avenews?
    Avenews understands that quick access to funds is crucial for agribusinesses. Our loan application process is designed to be fast and easy. If you provide all the required information promptly, you can get your loan approved in less than 48 hours. Step 1 - Application Complete our online qualification to check if you're eligible for an Avenews loan. If eligible, you'll be able to access your personal loan portal online and schedule a call with our loan specialists to finalize your application. (Time to complete: 4 minutes) Step 2 - Required Documents Done with the application? Great! Now you’ll be requested to share additional information that will assist us with processing your application. We will mainly ask for official documents such as bank statements, MPESA statements, business registration certificates, and trade history. (Time to complete: Up to you) Step 3 - Phone Call We'll call you at the scheduled time to review your application and discuss any additional information we need to process your loan application. If necessary, our team will also assist with sharing the official documents we require in step 2. (Time to complete: Up to 30 minutes) Step 4 - Business Review We'll evaluate your business based on all of the information provided. If approved, we'll get back to you with the official loan offer. If declined, we'll provide you with the reasons and suggest improvements for your next application. (Up to 24 hours) Step 6 - Activation If approved, you'll be able to access your funds within minutes from the moment you sign the loan agreement. We believe in the value of speed and efficiency, so you can focus on running your agribusiness without delay.
  • What type of loans does Avenews provide?
    Avenews provide short-term recurring working capital to increase the purchasing capacity of agribusinesses. Here’s a summary of what you should know about the Avenews loan: It's for buying products or inputs - The funds are dedicated to buying only produce (e.g. fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy, livestock, herbs, spices, materials for animal feeds, etc.) or inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, processed animal feeds, etc.), according to your business needs. It's for trade transactions - We provide financing specifically for purchasing stock that is going to be sold in your upcoming trade cycle. It's short-term - The term from the moment you buy stock to the moment you get paid for selling is typically no longer than 1 month. It's recurring - You get financing from Avenews to buy stock > You buy the stock, sell it, and get paid for it > You repay the loan on the repayment date > You get your next round of financing and so it goes until the agreement is ended. The fee is determined per the unique characteristics of each credit client and the trade cycle that Avenews is being asked to fund. Once a loan is activated, the funds can be accessed via a dedicated wallet in the Avenews app from which you can make payments to buy the products you have requested financing for.
  • What types of businesses can get financing from Avenews?
    Avenews supports formal small and medium-sized agribusinesses, such as traders, exporters, suppliers, aggregators, processors, millers, agrovets, etc. Currently, we do not finance farmers, informal businesses, and other businesses outside the agricultural sector.
  • How can I apply for an Avenews loan?
    If your business is registered in Kenya, is a trader, aggregator, or processor of agricultural products, and is seeking financing to expand its operations, you may be eligible for an Avenews loan! Check if you are eligible here.
  • How can I check if my business is eligible for a loan?
    If your agribusiness is seeking up to Ksh 10 million to finance an upcoming trade transaction, you are welcome to check your eligibility for an Avenews loan here.
  • How an Avenews loan is different from a bank loan?
    Avenews provides short-term loans specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of agribusinesses. Unlike traditional bank loans, which often require lengthy approval processes and complex interest models, Avenews' loans are based on the nature of your business transactions. We have the ability to finance recurring Agri-business transactions or deals of agricultural products and inputs. We use your business performance data to qualify you for a loan and once approved, you can access funds within minutes. With Avenews, the application process is easy and very simplified. All you need is to avail your business information & data - the faster you share it, the faster we'll be able to process your request. If you'll be fast, we'll keep up with your pace so you don't have to wait weeks for loan approval, and you can receive funds much faster than traditional bank loans. Avenews' loans are also recurring, which means that once you pay back your loan, you can instantly access the same loan amount again to purchase more stock. This allows you to grow your business more quickly and efficiently, without having to constantly reapply for a new loan. We also provide additional services, such as financial advice, payment processing, and business management tools, to help our clients grow their businesses.
  • What if my business is not eligible for a loan?
    Even if your business does not meet our criteria, you can still enjoy free access to the Avenews Super App and enjoy business management tools hence increasing your efficiency. The more you use our app, the faster we can reassess your eligibility for financing. The Avenews app is available for Android on Google Play, download it here.
  • Does Avenews have a license?
    Avenews KE Limited is a licensed data controller and is within the Central Bank of Kenya's digital lender regulation as it awaits its digital lending license.
  • How can I contact Avenews?
    You can always reach us by email at or through our Facebook messenger at We're always happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

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