Avenews-GT is an ecosystem for agricultural trade that empowers commercial sellers and buyers of agricultural produce to participate in the global market and deliver unique and high-quality products to the world.


By providing a digital trading platform powered by blockchain technology that integrates agri-trade services, Avenews-GT enables commercial sellers and buyers of agricultural produce to-

Transact directly with each other locally and worldwide


Simplify transaction processes


Reduce distribution costs


Create financial security


Increase supply chain transparency

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"Together we are here to bring agricultural trade into the future"

Our Story

Avenews-GT was born in the minds of Shalom and Ishai Ben-Or, cousins that grew up in agricultural communities.


As sons of third-generation farmers, we worked closely with farmers since childhood, gaining first-hand experience of the agricultural business difficulties.


We know how it feels to work in the fields from dawn to dusk and then sell our products without making enough profit to run a sustainable business.


This is the reason that we built Avenews-GT - to empower agricultural producers worldwide to trade directly with their buyers and help them to create and maintain a sustainable business.


Where our ecosystem is completely integrated into a domestic or global market, farmers profit, food losses an food prices decrease, and food availability increase.


Ultimately, the final consumers in the market will be able to source their products, purchase at just prices, and make informed and sustainable shopping decisions.


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