Avenews Ecosystems is the client management system that enables communication between business networks with common characteristics.


Designed to boost network performance, Ecosystems provides the user with data sharing capabilities, automated network notifications, and real-time interaction with clients.

The Avenews-GT


The Avenews-GT Platform

Integration of advanced agri-trade services enables commercial sellers and buyers of agricultural produce to transact directly with each other locally and worldwide.



Avenews Inventory is a digital inventory and stock manager that allows the seller to create digital product profiles with key product details such as SKU, certifications, packing options, and growing process information.


All products uploaded to the platform can be shared by the seller within the ecosystem, to provide buyers with visibility into their digital inventory.

Orders & Transactions

The Orders & Transactions systems create a digital and dependable process for the purchase and sale of agricultural produce.


Every trade interaction is registered on a digital ledger that enables the transacting parties to track every step of the trade directly from the source.

Identity (beta) 

Every user on the platform has a unique digital Identity stored on a blockchain ledger. 

The ID is automatically updated with users performance and constantly evolves to represent the most recent data.


Upon users approval, service providers and trading partners can get a transparent view into users ID's - to reduce risk and create the necessary trust for mutual success.


Avenews Finance enables users to apply for working capital and trade finance services by offering financial institutions a transparent view into their digital identities on the platform, that holds transaction history and trade-related data.

If you are interested in any of the following services

Financial Backing

Transaction Risk Mitigation

High Costs Mitigation

Getting trade finance solutions and access to credit facilities.

Reduce high transaction costs due to reliance on multiple intermediaries.

Reduce errors and risk due to a non-digital transaction process.

And Step Into the Future of Agricultural Trade