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Need financing to grow your agribusiness?
Grow strong with an Avenews loan!

Grow your agribusiness with Avenews.

Take full control of your business operations 

Pay and get paid quickly and easily with zero costs

Get working capital that match your agribusiness needs

The all-in-one super app for your agribusiness

Apply for agribusiness loan.
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Financial super-app for the 2.5 million agribusinesses feeding Africa


Whether you want to expand, extend, or enhance,
Avenews offers the toolset to take your agribusiness to the next level
and unlock your full business potential

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The agribusiness financing you've been waiting for 

Avenews makes it easy to access the cash you need to purchase inputs and produce on a recurring basis.

Inputs and produce financing

Flexible terms

Immediate access to funds

Affordable cost

Agribusiness loan, agribusiness financing
Avenews agribusiness super app

Coming Soon

Create professional invoices and get paid faster

Create and send invoices to customers in seconds - track pending payments and send reminders to customers who owe you money.

Built-in payment links

Auto-payment reminders

Cash management integration

Invoice tracking

Coming Soon

Simpler and cheaper way to pay and get paid 

Pay multiple vendors in bulk with a single payment experience and no transaction fee. Send payment requests to online customers and get an in-store point of sale for walkins.

Single and bulk payments

Pay to mobile and bank

Payments tracking

Online payment requests

Zero transaction fees

Get paid instantly

Avenews agribusiness super app
Agribusiness loan, agribusiness financing

Boost your business operations

Invite your team to the app and seamlessly collaborate with them - anytime, anywhere.

Send team updates

Track team’s work hours

Set and monitor employee tasks

Team chat

Employees get free access to the app

Why use Avenews?

Agribusiness services for what you're building

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It takes only 5 minutes to set up, easy peasy!

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It's free, use it as much as you want, our treat

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The more you use it, the faster we can assess your eligibility for financing

What our customers love about Avenews

Avenews has been our reliable partner in bridging our financial gap. We look forward to growing with Avenews as we expand our business.

Stephen Wachira

Taking a loan from the bank takes a lot of time. With Avenews 48 hours after submitting all the required documents, I received the funds.

Peter Ndungu

I like how Avenews is open-minded, flexible, and believes in its customers. I have the confidence that I can do it because Avenews believed in me.

Immaculate Ongwae

With the support of Avenews, I can pay my suppliers on time and meet customer demand. I am grateful for the support I have received so far and look forward to continuing working together.

Arsaneth Cheptoo

The application process was very easy and fast. I plan to take more financing from Avenews to grow my stock and orders.

Mary Wanjiku

Avenews is a good company, the process of accessing the funds was easy, not too many documents, and no hassle. Once I submitted the application - I was able to access funds within two days.

Samuel Mwangi

With Avenews financing, my sales volumes have doubled. Putting food on my employees' tables and their families is the biggest benefit and impact of Avenews.

Geoffrey Ligare

Avenews has boosted my business so much despite the difficult economic times we are facing in the country and beyond.

Philemon Kemboi

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Ready to supercharge your growth?

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