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We have some great news!

After a rigorous sorting process Avenews-GT was selected as one of ten fintech startups to participate in the Barclays Bank startup accelerator powered by Techstars, in Cape Town South Africa.

The Avenews-GT founders, Shalom Ben Or (CEO) and Ishai Ben Or (VP product), Ismail Kharoub (CTO), and Nimrod Dahan (Business Development), will be relocating to Cape town for 13 weeks to take part in this influential program.

Over those 90 days the team will work with Barclays Bank and Techstars on enriching the current tools and platform brought by Avenews-GT, and implementation into many of the fastest growing global economies.

The bank says technology from the best graduates could be made available across its African footprint comprising close to 12 million customers in ten markets, with participants getting the opportunity to work alongside its business and technology teams.

Harnessing the Barclays Bank connections and Techstars tools, Avenews-GT will provide more innovative solutions to their clients, leading global agricultural trading to the 21st century.

Each of the ten successful companies represented something unique that we believe has the potential to become a significant and relevant player on a global scale. Yossi Hasson, MD of Techstars.

By using Blockchain technology to digitize the trading platform Avenews-GT modernises agricultural trade, connecting food wholesalers to food producers directly, reducing distribution costs, creating financial security, and creating supply chain transparency.

Our mission is to benefit the entire ecosystem; ultimately farmers would benefit, food loss would decrease, prices would go down, food availability would increase, and food products would be traceable.

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