A New Year, A New Generation

Agriculture means different things for youth around the world. For many, it is their livelihood passed down through generations. For others, it is the way of life of a specific region. Overall, whether a life in agriculture was handed to you or it was a choice, working in the agriculture industry is not a fan favorite among youth.

In a world with supermarkets, countless restaurants, and same-day food orders, the availability of food is something that is a given. However, it is not necessarily taken for granted. The infrastructure for the agriculture market is in place and has increased food security well beyond what was anticipated hundreds of years ago. The younger generations are bombarded with plenty of job opportunities in more modern industries, so why should they choose to work in agriculture?

The answer lies in the image. Farming and agriculture is viewed as back-breaking work with unfavorable economic payoffs. In addition, if you compare agriculture to other industries, there is an obvious lack of career advancement. The reality is that this is no longer the case. Technology, innovation, and finance have slowly but surely seeped into the agriculture industry and have revolutionized everything from logistics, to equipment, and even overall organizational structure.

Today’s youth is accustomed to choosing career paths that drive their passion and their main goal is it utilize their knowledge. More importantly, they want to be paid accordingly to their knowledge and investment in it. Not only can agriculture be profitable, it can be fun. These days, it is not about how long you can stay in the field or how fast you can sow. Generations of farming knowledge has allowed agriculture to evolve into a science, one where many professionals are attempting to solve and answer global demands.

As younger generations become more tech-savvy than any one before them, there is already tremendous potential for them to contribute via technology. As investment in Africa increases, due to its tremendous potential to increase food security, many startups and technological innovations are dedicated to finding streamlined, secure, and innovative ways to optimize agriculture from farm all the way to market.

In many parts of the world, including Africa, agriculture is a critical economic sector, with over half of the workforce relying on it for income and employment. Creating attractive and profitable opportunities for youth will prove to be not only profitable but also necessary.

Youth are the future. The future of technology, of innovation, of progress. More specifically In agriculture, youth are the future of food security, poverty, and agri-education. Although there has been much progress in these parts, as youth in rural areas are seeing the opportunity in agricultural careers, the opportunity continues to increase.

Avenews-GT is proud to be part of the agricultural revolution in Africa and around the world. We know that by promoting digital platforms for trade of agricultural products, and technology that improves the livelihood of farmers, more youth will be inclined to educate themselves and choose a path in agriculture through knowledge, technology, and, profit.

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