Avenews-GT: Mythbusters Edition

Trends can be a tricky thing when you don’t have the right facts. It is easy to jump on the bandwagon if you’re being pressured into believing something and in many cases, this can happen without your knowledge. Yet, some things, once believed to be trends, can turn into solid facts, such as the worldwide efforts to look at a post fossil fuel world and provide a clean world for future generations. With all this talk of fake news, we decided to do a little digging to find out which food and agriculture trends are going to help the planet or just waste our time.

Eating locally grown food helps the environment.

Eating locally grown food sounds like a charming, sunny afternoon spent looking at ripe tomatoes and colourful stands at your local farmers market. But is it as appealing for your wallet? The answer is a bit tricky.

Have you ever walked in to your supermarket, looked around at the aisles and thought “Where did this all come from?”. In many cases, our food comes from far away so that we can have a fruit that is out of season or a snack from a different country. What many people fail to realize are the indirect costs of shipping these products, not just how far but also by which transportation method. It is generally believed that food grown close to home helps the environment because it requires less fossil fuels to transport, generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventionally produced food.