Love At First Transaction

Trust. Safety. Transparency. Financial Security.

We know what you’re thinking: Did the stars above align? Did I just find the partner of my dreams? While the verdict is still out on how to spot your soulmate, when it comes to finding a reliable platform for global trade the answer is clear.

Avenews-GT is an ecosystem for the trade of agricultural produce. By providing a digital trading platform based on blockchain technology, we enable agri-businesses, farmers, cooperatives and commercial agri-buyers to transact directly with each other locally and worldwide. We can’t tell you whether to send that first text, but we can tell you why our clients turn to us for dependable transactions.

Trust. One of the first decisions we made at Avenews-GT is to become a platform our users can rely on and one where they can rely on each other. We do this by ensuring thorough background and credit checks on every member, including DD, KYC, and AML. Of course, a compliance check is done on every transaction. We have zero tolerance for misuse of the platform.

Safety. We are proud of the sense of security our members feel on our platform. Transactions are executed using digital contracts and are monitored through the digital platform that is based on the latest technological solutions, making it immutable and validated. All user information and transaction data is registered digitally to provide a safe ecosystem for agricultural trade.