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Meet Our CEO- Shalom Ben-Or

What about your background led you to this field?

I grew up on an agricultural Kibbutz, which means that from a young age I worked on different agricultural community projects. After my military service, I traveled for 10 months through South America, and when I came back to Israel I began my bachelors degree in Law and Economics. During my degree, I realised the opportunity to create social change through ethical businesses, but I didn’t forget about my agricultural background. Working with my cousin Ishai, It was clear that we would build a company that is close to both heart and mind, bringing transparency, security, and modernity to agriculture.

What is your vision for Avenews-GT?

Technology is turning the world into a global community, that has to collaborate to make the world a better place. We see Avenews-GT leading the evolution of the agricultural trade industry, providing the platform on which all sides can communicate to make trade fair and food traceable.

What do you see as the future role of technology in reshaping the way we think about agriculture?

Agriculture is a romantic industry, it's all about relationships, and as with every relationship, you need to work in order to make and sustain the connection. We have reached the stage where technology can help us connect better with more trust and transparency. The role of tech will be to connect and simplify the agri-trade industry.

Why is transparency so important to you as the CEO of Avenews-GT?

Living in a community makes you understand just how important transparency is. Lack of transparency leads to lack of trust and a lack of efficiency. Like in the agricultural industry, in Avenews it is all about relationships and relationships are transparency and trust.

There is a new generation of farmers and a food buyers in an increasingly globalized world, what would be your message to them?

The agriculture trade industry is complex, to say the least, but that doesn't mean that it has to also be unfair, in which one side gains minimally and the other struggles with sourcing. The industry is growing with the times and there is a lot of hope in technologies like ours that connect everyone in the food-chain.

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