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Unpack US$ 990 Billion!

US$ 990 Billion! This is the number that food losses and waste amount to every year, and we believe that we can contribute to the global effort of solving it.

What is food loss?

Food loss is the decrease in edible food supplies throughout the different sections of the food supply chains worldwide.

Why is it happening?

The causes of food losses differ throughout the markets worldwide, but they all have a common factor of an old-fashioned agricultural trading process that relies heavily on multiple intermediaries that handle the commodities throughout the supply chain. From production to consumption, raw agricultural produce goes through multiple intermediaries that unknowingly contribute to global food losses.

What can we do about it?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)- "The solution to food loss should not be more expensive than the food loss itself, should not place a higher burden on the environment and greenhouse gas emission, should make more food available to the people that need it most, and should be socially and culturally acceptable." (FAO 2017)

Sharing the values of the FAO and understanding the needs of the global ecosystem for a solution, we founded Avenews-GT.

Avenews-GT is a digital trading platform that enables farmers to transact directly with food buyers such as retailers and manufacturers, to streamline the supply chain, make the transaction process faster and reduce food losses.

By facilitating direct linkages to buyers, we enable the small to medium-scale farmers to participate in the global market and deliver their nutritious and high-quality food to the world in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Why are we doing it?​

Decreasing the food losses through the supply chain will have a massive impact on the global ecosystem. Ultimately with our solution global food security will rise, meaning food availability and food quality would increase, and food prices would decrease.

Join us to bring agricultural trading into the 21st century!

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