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Of agricultural produce


Of agricultural produce


That buy & sell agricultural produce

Dedicated farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and other suppliers of agricultural produce save money and earn more by digitizing their business.  

Dedicated retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and other commercial buyers transact directly with their sellers on a platform that creates a transparent and trackable trade process.

 We know that the line between buyer and seller can sometimes get blurry. With this synergy in mind, our platform allows for fluid interaction so that you can be in both places at once.

 Manage your transactions, orders, invoices, inventory, and clients in a complete ecosystem for agricultural trade.

Step into the future of agricultural trade

Avenews-GT's digital platform for the commercial trade of agricultural produce enables agribusinesses to streamline their entire trade and business operations. 


How Avenews-GT Works

Members create business profiles on the platform

Every profile is verified to create a trusted, transparent, safe and secure environment.


Through their profiles, users can access unique business tools including real-time management of daily orders, quotes, invoices, and payments.


Users create their digital ecosystems

The ecosystems streamline communication between business networks with common characteristics.


Within their ecosystems, users can interact with their network in real-time, share data, send notifications, and transact with multiple entities in one go.

Sellers create their digital inventories

Every digital inventory includes key product details like certifications, varieties, weight, and packing options.


The inventories can be shared with their buyers to provide full transparency of product availability.


Buyers and sellers transact with each other directly

The digital platform enables a dependable process from the first quote request until the transaction is complete for the purchase and sale of agricultural produce.


Every interaction is digital to enable the transacting parties to track every step of the trade process.


Powered by

Blockchain Technology

The Avenews-GT Blockchain application records trade interactions and allows to share verified and immutable trade-related information with other trade partners and 3rd party service providers.


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