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Manage your entire business and trade operations in one place including contacts, invoices, purchase orders, and payments.

Streamline trade

Pay faster

Boost performance

Get better financial services

Financial Institutions

Get the transparency and infrastructure necessary for providing financial services to the untapped agricultural market.

Expand agri-finance activity

Reach underserved agri-businesses 

Access agri-market data

Empower agri-businesses

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Step into the future of fintech for agriculture.

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Avenews creates the connection between financial institutions and agri-businesses through a digital infrastructure that directly links agri-trade activity with financial services.

Financial institutions are banks, payment providers, trade-financiers, DFIs, micro-financiers, etc.

Agri-businesses are processors, aggregators, manufacturers, farmers, co-ops, input suppliers, etc.


How avenews Works



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Agri-businesses join the Avenews platform either by themselves or through a financial institution working with Avenews.

Once on Avenews, agri-businesses can onboard their network of suppliers and customers, and digitize their entire supply chain.

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Agri-businesses manage their business and trade operations in one place including contacts, invoices, purchase orders, and payments.

Every interaction is stored in a verified and vetted asset - a digital economic identity for every agri-business across the supply chain.



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Avenews provides financial institutions with the digital infrastructure to access the agricultural sector and provide services such as loans and insurance directly on the platform.

Unlocking new opportunities for under-financed agri-businesses across the supply chain.

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