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Financial Institutions working with Avenews

Financial institutions such as banks, payment providers, trade-financiers, DFIs, micro-financiers, and many other financial service providers to the agricultural industry.

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Step Into the Future of Agri-Finance

Avenews for

Financial Institutions

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Lead agri-finance innovation.

Avenews provides financial institutions with the digital infrastructure to access and service the agricultural sector.


Digitize new and existing products, such as loans and insurance, and provide them to agricultural businesses directly with Avenews.

Increase loyalty and drive growth.

Provide your agri-businesses customers with the Avenews platform as a value-added service to power their business.

Increase loyalty and acquire new customers by offering valuable services customized for their business.

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Reach underserved agri-businesses.

Provide financial services to agri-businesses, previously unreachable due to high risks and lack of business data.

Create digital economic identities for agri-clients to access business performance data, reduce risks, and remove barriers.

Impact and empower.

Avenews enables financial institutions to have a real impact on one of the world’s toughest problems - extreme poverty.

Improving access to financial services for unbanked agri-businesses in underserved rural areas directly contributes to the UN’s SDGs.

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