Reduce transaction risk.

The trading platform is fully digital and online, making it a one-stop-shop for your entire transaction process.


From the first quote request until the transaction is completed, every step of the transaction is transparent and trackable.

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Avenews-GT for Agribusiness

Avenews-GT for Agribusiness

Harness the powers of the Avenews-GT trading platform to get the ultimate tools for buying and selling agricultural produce.

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Get real product price.

You deserve to purchase agri-products at one price - the seller’s.


The platform enables you to buy directly from your sellers and avoid multiple broker fees across the supply chain, and ensures full transparency of quotation and pricing data.

Earn more on your produce.

You deserve to sell your agri-produce at your price, and not be charged with broker fees.


The trading platform enables you to sell directly to your buyers and ensures full transparency of the transaction process.

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Create a digital business.

Avenews-GT is fully digital and online, making it a one-stop-shop for the entire transaction process including real-time management of daily orders, quotes, invoices, and payments.


Create a transparent and secure business on a digital platform that reduces transaction risk.

Buy with full transpercy.

Sellers create digital inventory for their products including key product details like certifications, varieties, weight, and packing options.


Know exactly what you are buying and order directly from your seller's inventory.

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Get financial backing.

Your digital business profile aggregates transaction history and trade-related data.


This means that every member can apply for trade finance solutions and get working capital to grow their business.

Go global.

Get the full support of Avenews-GT through your global transactions.


If you need any help with logistics, we offer end-to-end logistics support, from your farm's gate to the buyer's warehouse.

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If you are interested in any of the following solutions

Financial Backing

Farmers Management

Lower Transaction Costs

Getting trade finance solutions and access to credit facilities.

Avoid high transaction costs due to reliance on multiple intermediaries.

Administration of procurement from a high volume of farmers.

And Step Into the Future of Agricultural Trade