Agri-businesses using Avenews

Agri-SMEs (Small to Medium Agricultural Enterprises) such as processors, aggregators, manufacturers, farmers, co-ops, input suppliers, food & beverage brands, millers and many other businesses engaged in the trade of agricultural produce and inputs.

Step Into the Future of Agri-Business

Avenews for Agri-business

Digitize your supply chain.

Onboard your network of suppliers and customers to Avenews, and digitize your entire supply chain.

Streamline transactions, communication, and create a secure and transparent ecosystem for your business.

Boost business performance.

Manage your contracts, orders, inventory, invoices, payments, and business contacts all in one place and in real-time.

No more paper. No more handshakes. No more verbal agreements. All of your operations on one platform.



Pay and receive payments seamlessly with the click of a button in a transparent and secure environment.


Generate payable invoices to customers and set bulk supplier payments to be transferred automatically on the due date.

Get better financial services.

Create a digital economic identity for your business and access formal financial services directly on the platform.

Apply for working capital, loans, insurance, and many other services without needing to leave your office.

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and step into the future of fintech for agriculture

Step into the future of fintech for agriculture.

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